Student Union

Elected by students for students

The Student Union is run by our Student Leadership Team, with a bit of staff help, to represent the interests of students, organise events and to feed back to the S6C Senior Leadership Team about student issues and concerns.

S6C Student Union 2023 -2024

Mollie Dismore – Humanities Faculty Representative
Evie Maloney – Humanities Faculty Representative
India Bell – STEM Faculty Representative
Alex Wheeler – Creative Faculty Representative
Harry McCarthy – Equality and Diversity Officer
Ani Assuon- Equality and Diversity Officer
Poppy Evans- Mental Health Officer
Sophie Houghton- Mental Health Officer
Madeline Fletcher – Eco and Sustainability Officer
Tryphena Peprah – Eco and Sustainability Officer
Heidi Agombar – Community Officer
Pratheek Magenni – Community Officer
Kitty Agombar – Y12 Liaison Officer

The Student Union’s aim is to develop previous progress and bring together the college to make the community close knit between all staff and students. Developing the Life Skills Program and opportunities beyond College is also key in helping students achieve the best version of themselves. Students and staff will be involved in setting goals and the Student Union will always try to reach and support these goals and show the student community that they are supported throughout their college journey.

The College Community Officer’s role is to work with staff and students to support local and global charities through fundraising and events within college. The aim is to make sure our students are aware of current events, get them involved in supporting the local community and talking to students about parts of life that not everyone is affected by to spread awareness and to educate them, while also directing them to where support can be accessed inside and outside college.

The Mental Health Officer’s role is to reassure students so they know the college is a safe and welcoming space and to promote students’ well-being since it plays a very important role in everyone’s lives and how they perform in college.

The Equality and Diversity Officer ensures the college is a welcoming and safe environment for everyone and makes sure every member of the S6C community feels included and valued.

The Eco and Sustainability Officer works with staff, students and the wider MLP trust in developing the positive use of sustainable techniques to encourage the whole community and to educate on current issues like fast fashion, diet and other methods to help the climate recover, in college and outside the classroom.

Rebecca Anderson our Pastoral Lead, had this to say about the team:

“We are very proud of our Student Union team and they are a pleasure to work with. We rely on their input to create a student-centred college, which grows and adapts with each new cohort of young people. The world will be safe in their hands!”

Former Student President – Maisie May Gilcrest

” I chose to study at S6C because of its warm welcoming atmosphere.  There is an emphasis on learning skills away from the classroom which makes S6C students distinguishable from other college students.  I wanted to stay and study in Salisbury, and why would you spend a lot of time travelling when there is an excellent choice right here?  It has a strong hard working ethos and you can see how passionate the teachers are about their areas of study.  It has a wide range of courses in the arts, humanities and sciences and has accommodated my choices both at the start and during my time here.

The clubs and societies have been re-launched this year to give even more opportunities to students.  Debating, Film and Gaming societies have been very popular;  as well as a STEM club to explore explosive practicals and experiments even if you don’t study a science.  This was especially important to introduce a wider range of interests that students can become a part of.  S6C also offers a vast number of trips including New York and an Iceland trip planned for next year.  I know this college is helping me reach my full potential and I can’t imagine myself studying anywhere else.”