Student Voice

The Student Voice is a group that is run by our Student Leadership Team, with a bit of staff help, to represent the interests of students and organise events.img_5653

Meet the Student Leadership Team:

Jenson – As Student President, my job is to lead the student leadership team and represent the college to the local area. One of my responsibilities is to attend Open Evenings for Year 11 students, on this evening, I give various talks on College life, what our College is all about and why someone should attend S6C.

Another of my responsibilities is to tour some of the visitors that come to our college, I show them around the building and then answer any questions that they may have about the College.

It is a great honour to be student president, and I look forward to seeing the College grow and prosper.

Nahtanha – As Vice Student President my job is to support Jenson and the rest of the Student Leadership team. I am also there to attend meetings and discuss how we can develop College life and help students have the best experience they can whilst attending Salisbury 6th Form College. It is great to have this line of communication between the students and the Senior Leadership Team as it gives students a chance to make the changes they want to make in the college.

Annabel – As head of Year 12, one of my main responsibilities is to support the Year 12s throughout their first year at college. I try to be a friendly and relatable person that new students feel they can talk to if there’s something they don’t want to go to a member of staff with. Also if the Year 12s have any concerns about the College they would like to bring up I am here to let them know their concerns will always be heard.

Sam- As Head of Year 13, my job is to generally help our older students in their final years of their studies and aid their progression into post college life, whether that be through university, apprenticeship, employment or otherwise. The final months of the last year are what all students work towards so this job is very important in my eyes as me and my peers prepare to embark on our journey of being young responsible adults. I’m very excited to work alongside our Student President and the rest of our team to ensure Year 13 is successful for all.

Suzy – As the planner for social events and trying to boost enrichment in college, I am in communication with the other students and teachers to discuss an appropriate time and theme for events.